Thursday, 9 August 2012

Early in 19th, Labrador was shipped to England from its original place—Newfoundland, Canada, and it was also the first dog breed to be introduced to Europe, nowadays,the Labrador retriever is already the world’s most popular dog breed and in the United States has bested the AKC rankings for that very category for the past eighteen years running.
In Newfoundland, Canada, the Labrador Retriever dog’s role was in aiding fishermen by retrieving their catch and nets; services that involved a fair amount of swimming. But because of the unaffordable dog taxes, mandy canandian fishermen gave up their dogs and Labrador was somehow banished from its country. While because of its good quality in surviving, after a long time of propagating, today’s labrador is formed.
Labrador firstly emerged in Poole in England, and its function in this area was a little different compared with in Canada, The dog breed already had excellent qualities sought after in a gun dog by hunters, notable its so-called “soft mouth” (the ability to retrieve shot game without damaging it) and as an exceptionally swimmer, the Labrador Retriever made the ideal dog to retrieve game birds that resided along or on water such as geese and ducks.
Labrador is a very suitable family member, cause it is extremely kind to children, besides, it is tame and has many functions.

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