Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to choose a toy for Labrador

Labradors love to chew on anything they can get their mouths on out of their inherent nature.Their gums are tender, and when they chew on something, it soothes their gums. It may be a game for teething pups, but for you, it may prove to be rather annoying to choose right toys for them. There are so many toys in the market for dogs, but before buying one for your Labrador, please bear in mind that the toys must be non-toxical, not easy to break up or choke up, and won’t hurt your doggie.

Chewy drumsticks are available in plastic and rawhide. Your Labrador will love to chew on and bury them for their sincere love to chicken. This burying and digging game will be your dog’s favorite pastime.

A little ball will be a good toy for your doggie to play with on the lane. It is specially designed for outdoor activities, and your doggie will have a good time and a better agility through playing balls.

These rope toys will spur your Labrador to compete with you. This is a good interactive game between master and dog. Such outdoor toys won’t hurt anyone, they are made of soft Polyester.
A good toy can help Labrador to keep occupied, happy and healthy.

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