Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to choose the right collar for your Labrador doggie

Many of dogg owners like walking their dogs in the dark. They always walk doggie down the same unlit country roads and letting it run free across the fields regardless of how dark it is. A high visibility, reflective collar is a must!
In last post, I’ve introduced something about Labrador(their original place, functions, characters and so on), and I realized that many Labrador owner found it hard to choose a suitable collar for their doggies.
As we know, Labrador is fond of playing in water, at this time, we need a collar with the function of waterproof, or the bacteria occured on the collar would make your doggie very uncomfortable.

Light source: LED and Ultra bright optical fiber
And in everyday use, you can choose a nylon webbing flashing collar for Labrador

led dog collar Ultra bright and eye-catching,Durable, and you can adjust the length freely according to your pet’s neck size.
So, choosing the right collar is very important for Labrador, if you are a true dog lover, I believe that you can never tolerate a uncomfortable collar on your doggie’s neck!

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