Monday, 13 August 2012

Taking Pets on Road Trips

Sometimes we have to take a long trip away from home, but we are concerned about our pets, then we buy them a pet carrier, but do you know how to make our pets feel comfortable in the carrier? Cause the pets may get carsick, too.

  1. Take the pet for a few short rides before your trip so it gets accustomed, if your pets have never been in a car before, even the most comfortable pet carrier would make him feel very upset.
  2. Make some marks on your pets, such as adding your name and address, telephone number on his collar, in case he gets lost.
  3. The best way to keep passengers safe is too keep your pets in the carrier, “Pets that are out of their comfort zones can have behavior problems in the car, which can be dangerous while driving,” says Hammer. So it’s important to remember!
  4. Try not to let your dog ride with his head out of the window. Beyond the danger of getting hit, it is also applied for kids, for they are both vulnerable.
  5. Make regular stops―every two hours for a puppy, every three to four hours for a cat or an adult dog―so your pet can take a walk on a leash (some cats enjoy a little leash walk)
  6. Feed your pet only lightly before getting in the car―pets can become carsick. Once you’ve stopped driving for the day, feed normally.
  7. Plan your pet’s typical feeding and walking schedule into your travel time. If your pet eats at midday, stop and give him a quick walk and a small meal.
All the above tips should be remembered and performed carefully when you carry a pet on road trips, so you can enjoy a happy trip with your kitty or doggie!

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