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Tips of Training Your Dog to Be Well Mannered

You will have to agree that all the dogs are loyal, lovable and eager to please. In most of the case they are not well mannered though. To have them well behaved, you need to show and to give your dog clear boundaries – what he can and what he can´t do. Having a well mannered dog is beneficial both to the owner as well as for the dog itself.
An obedient dog is a pleasure to have, both for the owner as well as other family members or visitors that come from time to time. You will agree that it is not very pleasant watching your dog jumping on visitors as well as this is not pleasant for the visitor itself. Shortly, it is in everyone´s interest that one dog is well mannered and obedient.
Dogs should be always rewarded for good behavior – you can use dog treats for that. The truth is that dogs want to please, so using awards as something positive is very helpful.
A golden rule is to start training your dog since puppy. Rules that should be respected I the house should be implemented from the very beginning.
There are 3 basic manners that one dog should have – no begging, no jumping and not to be possessive over toys.
To make sure your dog will never beg for food is not to encourage your dog looking for the food under the table and not letting anyone sneaking food for him under the table.
Friendly dogs like to jump even o strangers. This is, of course, if you allow him to do this. So, never encourage your dog to jump on other people.
When your dog takes something in his mouth that he shouldn’t, you should be able to take that right away from him. This will be possible only if your dog is well mannered. But it is in every dog’s nature not to let something from their mouth once they catch it. You should train him to be obedient and start taking favorite toys away from his mouth while he is still a puppy. Even though this sounds cruel, it is beneficial both for your dog and you as an owner. Saying this, in cases he doesn’t react aggressively, you should reward him. In case he becomes more aggressive, you will have to exercise this with him more often.
These are just some things that any dog owner should consider when training a dog. These are simple training practices that anyone can do, but in case of some problems, you should definitely consult a professional trainer.

Funny dog prictures

This is an article I found when surfing on the internet, and it’s really funny! Some famous people have a remarkable resemblance with a couple of dog breeds.

10 Mr. T / Chinese Crested Dog

9 Rosie O’Donnell / King Charles Spaniel

(actually, I found this one on Snarkywood, but they sure do look alike!)

8 Shaquille O’Neill / Great Dane

7 Janet Jackson / Toy Poodle

6 Brad Pitt / Schnauzer

5 Bob Marley / Puli

4 Dom DeLuise / English Bulldog

3 Barbra Streisand / Barsoi

2 Larry King / French Bulldog

1 George W. Bush / Pug

Dog collars and leashes that satisfy your doggies’ needs

You can never own a dog but not buy him dog collars. leashes, or harness, these are necessary to a dog just like clothes and shoes to human beings.  In koopypet store, we supply a series of dog products, such as dog clothes, dog collars, flashing dog leashes, dog tags and many other pet products.
Today I want to introduce a kind of leather dog collar, which is made of real leather, and provide a comfortable feeling for your doggie when wearing it, no more worry about the skin disease, as we know, genuine leather would guarantee your doggie’s health.  Here is the picture, let’s have a look at:

This hand-made dog collar is very durable and frim, you can see the uncluttered  stitch alongside the leather, and the stud in it, all of these make the collar feel very comfortable to wear.
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Pomeranian–most popular doggies in USA

Pomeranian is very popular dog breeds in the united states, the breed is thought to have acquired its name by association with the area known as Pomeranian which is located in northern Poland and Germany along the Baltic Sea. Although not the origin of the breed, this area is credited with the breeding which led to the original Pomeranian type of dog. Proper documentation was lacking until the breed’s introduction into the UK.

A normal Pomeranian can live for 12-15 years, they are typically a very friendly and lively breed of dog. They love to be around their owners and are known to be protective of them. They bond quickly with their owners, and can suffer from separation anxiety if not trained to spend time alone.  Pomeranians are intelligent dogs, respond well to training, and can be very successful in getting what they want from their owners.
Pomeranians are alert and aware of changes in their environment and barking at new stimuli can develop into a habit of barking excessively in any situation. They are somewhat defensive of their territory and will thus bark when they encounter any outside noises. So prepare anti-barking dog collars are very important when you have a Pomeranian at home, because you will never know what kind of things stimulate your puppy, and then you will have to hear him barking.
Pomeranians have a thick double coat, and while grooming is not difficult, breeders recommend that it be done daily because of the thickness of the coat and the constant shedding. The outer coat is long, straight, and harsh in texture while the undercoat is soft, thick and short. The coat knots and tangles easily, particularly when the undercoat is being shed, which happens twice a year. So you don’t have to buy him winter dog clothes because they are warm enouth to defend the cold weather, but you need to buy grooming things to handle his thick coat.
One of my friends has a Pomeranian at home, which likes to sleep in plush dog toys very much, he once bought very comfortable dog beds for Pomeranian, but it ignored the bed, very funny thing is the pomeranian sleeps very unlady, you can image, all legs straights out and show her furry skin in breast.

winter dog clothes

The winter is almost here and the days continue to get colder. This means you’ll have to have new winter clothes for your precious pups for the winter season. We have found winter dog clothesto keep them warm on their cold winter walks and gala clothes for all the up coming holiday parties. Woof! Woof! WhooHoo!We have many beatiful and fashion dog T-shirts, as the season has passed, we stock many winter dog coats here for your choice. The latest trend in fashion these days is dressing small dogs in the hottest small dog clothing of the season, and for this winter season it is all about holiday fashions and warm stylish winter coats. It looks like Pink and Black and Pink and Brown will remain the hot color trends for dogs this season. This could change as fashion is known to do that. I will keep you posted on that. Come back often to see the new things we have added.
Small dog clothing and accessories are just so cute, you just can’t help wanting to dress your babies in the very best latest dog fashion for the holidays. There are so many adorable styles to choose from, that no matter what your taste in dog fashion may be, or what the holiday is, there are always very stylish small dog clothing and accessories for both the girlie girl small dog and the studly stud small dog.
This is made of fleece material, which would make your doggies feel very comfortable and warm in winter.

How to stop your dog from peeing in the house

Are you upset about you doggie peeing in the house? Here are some ways to correct him:
  • Have him checked by your vet:
    If this is a recent development with a dog that has never exhibited this type of behaviour the best thing you can do is take him to the vet. It is possible that he may have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) that causes his incontinence. There can be many other medical reasons for this behaviour – a friend of mine has a cat that sometime pees inside the house a few times per day and on other days not at all. Nobody could figure out why she did this until he chanced upon a vet who had a cat with the same problem.
    It turned out his cat suffers from epilepsy and she pees whenever she has an epileptic episode.
  • Do not shout, rant or rave at him:
    This is counter productive and will make the problem worse, not better.
  • Do not rub his nose in it:
    All this will do is teach him that when he does pee he will be punished. This will make it more likely that he will hide from you and go to different parts of the house to pee or poop. He needs to know that pooping or peeing is fine and that he’s allowed to do it – outside.
  • You can prevent the habit forming by neutering (ouch!)
    Neutering at an early age can prevent the habit forming, or can stop marking behaviour. Of course neutering is not always an option should you want him to breed, but please discuss this with your vet before taking any irreversible action.
  • Try the Supervision Method
    Try to catch him in the act. Dogs learn (much as humans do) by operational conditioning. Watch your dog closely when he starts exhibiting signs that he might be thinking of marking. Such signs can include sniffing, or circling in spots where he has marked before. When he starts to lift his leg make some noise to distract him and get his attention. Giving him a clear “NO” command and diverting his attention will distract him and, if he was going to mark, will change his mind. If he really needs to pee, take him outside to play ball or something, and he will do it outside the house.
  • Remember to be consistent.
    Treat him the same way every time you see him exhibiting marking symptoms, or attempting to mark. I cannot stress the fact enough that at no time should you shout at him, or hit him – you will only make the problem worse.
In order to speed up the learning process be sure to lavish praise upon him when he pees where you want him to. Your dog learns fastest from your positive responses to his behaviour. If the neighbours aren’t looking at you like you’re crazy when you praise him for peeing and pooping in the garden then you’re probably not praising enough. Make a HUGE fuss every time he gets it right.
Dogs LOVE treats and if you praise and reward enough they get the message and will repeat the behavior that got them the treat.
  • To crate or not to crate
    Remember, dogs are den animals and a healthy dog will not pee or poop where it sleeps. A dog that is confined in a dog crate and is then forced to soil its own sleeping place will not be a happy dog. He will think you wanted to punish rather than protect him. If however, your dog regards the crate as a place of safety where it can sleep unmolested and safe, then crating is beneficial.
  • What about pee pads?
    Make sure the pads you use are large enough for your dog (Don’t expect a Great Dane to be able to pee on a pad intended for a Chihuahua!) and if you decide to use pads then be sure to praise and reward when your dog uses them.

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

How to stop a dog barking

Barking is a normal behaviour for a dog and it is not at all fair or realistic to expect your dog not to bark at all. But that being said, constant barking is not acceptable and it is a good idea to train your dog from a young age so that he does not bark continually. It is important that your puppy doesn’t bark for no reason, and you should help him learn to stop barking, or your neighbor would feel very upset about your doggie. Firstly, you should know what makes your dog bark,
Dogs bark for several reasons. They might be bored, frustrated, playing, guarding you or simply asking for attention. Sometimes, it has been accidentally trained when the dog was very young – perhaps a fuss was made of the dog when it was a puppy and gave an adorable little bark, and it learnt that it got plenty of attention when it barked. Dogs might also bark because of separation anxiety, and this is especially true for puppies.
Way to sovle the problem:
Although it doesn’t feel like the most proactive method of training a puppy to stop barking, ignoring it can be one of the most effective ways. As already mentioned, one of the most common reasons for a puppy to bark is anxiety at being left alone, as in the past it would have been used to having its mother and the rest of the litter around.
Distract them:
If your puppy is kept busy a lot of the time, it will be much less likely to bark. However, distraction is more a method of prevention rather than cure. If your puppy has dog toys to keep it occupied when you need to leave the room, it will likely to be much more content and keep quiet for longer.
Another method of distraction involves making a noise to startle the dog and put it off what it was doing – in this case, barking. This can be as easy as banging a cupboard door, and then immediately carrying on with what you were doing. This breaks your dog’s concentration and interrupts his barking. The idea is that he associates the noise with his barking and not you.
Walk them:
Exercise is a great solution to stop barking in a dog or puppy. If your dog has been left alone for a long time or has been in the house all day, it could well be frustrated or barking out of boredom. Frequently, a nice long walk will help to relax both you and your dog, and when you get back home, your dog will most likely curl up and go to sleep. Playing with a puppy and getting it to run around inside the house will have the same effect. Don’t forget to buy him a fashion dog collar and walk him with a new dog leash, which would also excite him!