Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tips of Training Your Dog to Be Well Mannered

You will have to agree that all the dogs are loyal, lovable and eager to please. In most of the case they are not well mannered though. To have them well behaved, you need to show and to give your dog clear boundaries – what he can and what he can´t do. Having a well mannered dog is beneficial both to the owner as well as for the dog itself.
An obedient dog is a pleasure to have, both for the owner as well as other family members or visitors that come from time to time. You will agree that it is not very pleasant watching your dog jumping on visitors as well as this is not pleasant for the visitor itself. Shortly, it is in everyone´s interest that one dog is well mannered and obedient.
Dogs should be always rewarded for good behavior – you can use dog treats for that. The truth is that dogs want to please, so using awards as something positive is very helpful.
A golden rule is to start training your dog since puppy. Rules that should be respected I the house should be implemented from the very beginning.
There are 3 basic manners that one dog should have – no begging, no jumping and not to be possessive over toys.
To make sure your dog will never beg for food is not to encourage your dog looking for the food under the table and not letting anyone sneaking food for him under the table.
Friendly dogs like to jump even o strangers. This is, of course, if you allow him to do this. So, never encourage your dog to jump on other people.
When your dog takes something in his mouth that he shouldn’t, you should be able to take that right away from him. This will be possible only if your dog is well mannered. But it is in every dog’s nature not to let something from their mouth once they catch it. You should train him to be obedient and start taking favorite toys away from his mouth while he is still a puppy. Even though this sounds cruel, it is beneficial both for your dog and you as an owner. Saying this, in cases he doesn’t react aggressively, you should reward him. In case he becomes more aggressive, you will have to exercise this with him more often.
These are just some things that any dog owner should consider when training a dog. These are simple training practices that anyone can do, but in case of some problems, you should definitely consult a professional trainer.

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