Tuesday, 18 September 2012

ways to measure your dogs for collars

When you adopt a dog, it’s necessary to buy them dog collars and dog leashes, but at this time, it’s even more necessary to measure them, so do you really know how to measure them? Here is some easy and simple ways to learn.
  •  For best results we suggest using a cloth measuring tape or piece of string. When using string, mark the measurement on the string and then measure with a ruler for accuracy. Make sure the dog is standing on all fours and take the measurement at least three times for accuracy. The leather should be snug and not tight, and also allow room for some movement. Please see the guidelines below.
  • When measuring for a dog harness, two sizes are required for fitting a harness. See guide below. 1. Neck: Measure your dog around its neck from the top of its breastbone all the way around. 2. Girth: Measure your dog all around its middle just behind its front legs. Harnesses are for the sole purpose of walking your dog always ensure you supervise your dog at all times
  • When measuring a collar, these things are needed to be remembered,1. Two fingers must be able to fit under the collae,2. The collar must not be tight so that one cannot do this, 3. Our broadest collar is 8 cm wide – ensure your dogs neck is long enough to accommodate this. 4. When sizing for a collar ensure it is not on the last hole add at least an extra 5 cm on the diameter of  the dogs neck.

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