Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to choose a family dog

A good family dog is very necessary when you decide to adopt one, please clear your eyes and choose one who would be your loyal family member.
Your dog’s traits and personality are extremely important to think about when you have young children in your household. Many of these traits are even impotant if you have kids with age ranges that reach into their teens. Kids have unpredictable behavior, and you want to look for a dog that isn’t startled or territorial and that can have fun with your family.
Here is our list of the best family dog traits to look for in your new dog for as maximum family-friendly experience. You want dogs that:

  • Are social with other dogs and people
  • Are trainable, learning behaviors easily
  • Do not startleeasily
  • Aretolerant
  • Areslightly submissive rather than dominant in personality
  • Display consistent behavior that you can depend on (rather than have a personality that vacillates)
  • Are able to be distracted from a task, so that when your child “breaks in” to whatever it is that they are doing, they can switch gears without becoming angry or frustrated.
  • Are non-territorial
Choosing a cute puppy is both good for your children, the kids are willing to play with dogs, and dress them up with beautiful dog clothes, and they can also be exercised by walking a dog using a comfortable dog leashes, which is good for the development of their responsibilities. And some are even sleep with dogs, which means you can save a cost of buying them dog beds.

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