Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The cost of keeping a pet at home

Most times people are confused whether they should keep a pet cat or dog at home. First things first, if you’re looking at keeping a pet dog that’s huge in size, you need to have a big house or else the dog will be very unhappy. Now comes the important argument, how expensive is it to keep a dog or a cat.
Average costs do vary and you need to know about this. A visit to the vet will cost the same, but the medication and treatments costs vary.
You’ll have to get specified dog or cat food from a reputed source and milk for both animals. The cost of packaged dog food is more expensive than cat food; furthermore a dog has a larger appetite.
Grooming costs for a dog are more because there’ll be dog shampoo and soap costs, wherein if you have a cat, you’ll have to simply change brushes because you needn’t bathe cats, simply brush them regularly to take off the lose hair and dust that collects.
You don’t need a separate cat house but you may need a kennel. Your cat can even sleep on the sofa or TV, but your dog will need a special sleeping area as it grows bigger.
Cats need less cajoling whereas dogs need a lot more care. Cats can stay at home all day without complaining but your dog could get nervous and start tearing upholstery and biting into furniture.
You needn’t invest in expensive dog collars and dog leashes for your cat, but you need such accessories to take your dog for a walk.
Despite the price variances, most times it may not really matter because when you have a pet, despite all the budgeting, you’ll always indulge in them, so there’s no full proof guarantee that you’ll be able to check expenses whether you own a dog or cat at home.
As all the expenses are so expensive, if you own pet at home, you’d better to keep more than two, then when you go to buy them pet products, you can get the wholesale price, just a joke.

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