Thursday, 20 September 2012

Want to travel with your dog? firstly learn this

Nowadays, dogs are more and more common, and many dog owners want to go shopping even travel together with their dogs, mandy cities are opening their doors for civilized dogs,  If you are in Boston, or its suburbs, you can use the Boston T (subway) as they permit leashed dogs during non-rush hours, irrespective of your dogs’ size. In New York City you’ll find quite a few Pet Taxi services which pick up dogs. In Manhattan, there’s stores that’ll allow your dog in if it’s leashed. Subways and buses in Seattle and San Francisco permit dog travel. Leashed and well mannered dogs are permitted on the Metro North Trains in New York City and places on the northern New York Suburbs, places in the Catskill region, and New Haven in Connecticut.
During dog walking periods and when entering parks that permit dogs carry the dog license and the current rabies vaccination papers. In any area that permits unleashed dogs, make sure the dog is leashed upon entry and exit. Dog owners or custodians have to be in the unleashed area while the dog is visiting and are responsible for cleaning dog feces, as well as filling holes that a dog may dig. In certain areas, dogs on heat are not permitted. Dogs with a disease that can spread, fleas, or a dog that’s not neutered aren’t allowed in a park.
Most beaches allow leashed dogs. At all times, any incident involving the dog puts the owner at risk, as it is your dog. Before venturing into a park, or dog area, take a look at the rules and regulations there are many hotels that don’t permit your pet, and there are others that are open to housing dogs as guests. Find out about these regulations when taking your dog on a holiday. All roads and pavements are not dog walking areas, so know where to go for a walk. All beaches will not allow dogs, and if they do, the owner needs to be with the dog at all times.
So if you want to enjoy a happy travel time with your doggie, go and buy him a durable dog leashes, if you have a big dog,  a leather dog leash is veru suitable,  and if you like to go out with him at night, then you’d better choose a flashing dog leash for him, and remember, under no circumstances giving up the leash, for my friend Nicole once did like this, and she lost her cute puppy.

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