Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Run together with your dogs

If you have an energetic dog at home, you will have to walk him or run with him very often, or he will bark to express his energy.
Be careful–not every kind of dog is born to run
If your dog has a lot of energy – you go for a really long walk or spend an hour at the dog park and he’s still raring to go – you’re probably ready to start a running program with your pooch, says Servadio. But every dog isn’t built to run and some aren’t in good enough shape to run.
Short-snouted dogs like Pugs or Bulldogs typically don’t make great running partners because they can’t breath as well and tend to overheat faster. Running is also not advised for oversized breeds, think Great Danes or Rottweilers, because they tend to age quicker and running can put unnecessary stress on their joints. In high temperatures, dogs with undercoats like Golden Retrievers can overheat easily. That said, some breeds are built to run – Vizslas, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Weimaraners for example. Mutts also make some of the best running partners – to assess their potential, compare their characteristics to other breeds.
Just to be safe, consult your vet before you take any dog out with you for the first time. Some dogs may be overweight or have hip problems or other underlying health issues that make them unfavorable running partners. Puppies aren’t always the best candidates either. Even though their energy is high, some experts caution against running with puppies since they are still growing. Though as long as you don’t have to push them, a few short sprints on a walk could be a good way to burn off steam and help get them used to picking up speed.
Getting Started
After choosing the right fitness partner, you guys need to start. Ok, prepare a durable dog leash for your friend, in case he is too fast for you to keep up with. This is very useful and necessary, you can never lose your leash at any time, or you will have the risk of losing your doggie. It is best if the dog acts well when running, for you two can have a great time together, but if your dog hasn’t been trained, he will rush forwards and ignores the leash in your hand, you will feel very embarrassed at that time. So choose the trained one to be your fitness partner is very important.
Staying Safe
The most important thing to remember is to be aware of your dog and pay attention to signs and signals he may be giving you. If your dog is slowing down, lagging behind, panting heavier, it might be time to stop or take a break.
You should always bring water with you or run on a path that has water fountains – you don’t want to risk your dog overheating. You’d better lead generally stops every half-mile to every mile to let the dogs drink water.
After exercising
Ok, you two have exercised enough, just go back home and have a good shower, expecially when your doggie sweats a lot, stinky smell would come out if you don’t clean him timely, then prepare a comfortable dog bed for him,  what a wonderful day!

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