Thursday, 20 September 2012

Choose the right dog beds for your doggie

Look, so many dog beds on the market, you must feel very puzzled when deciding to choose a dog bed for your four-legged friends, because they won’t open their mouth to tell you which one they like most, in fact, they have already told us which kind to choose.
  • Your dog’s sleeping habbit, where and how he like to sleep, definitely no one knows more about your doggie than yourself.
  • The size of your dog, it is very important to measure your dog before buying him plush dog beds, or he would be unwilling to sleep in it, just as if I bought you a small shoes, will you like to wear it?
  • Dog beds are not unsightly pieces of pet furniture. Manufacturers have gone through years of experience and research have designed dog beds that will not clash any home decor. Color, fabric and design can be mixed and matched with the fiber and fill used. Some manufacturers offer a combination of fabric texture and hue. So the color of dog beds are also very important, no one would like to put pet beds with a conflict color in house.

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