Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Funny stories!

We always feel hearbroken when hearing that dogs are abandoned for some reason, such as the dog owner is going to have baby, they abandon pets in order to not hurt their baby, now this is a twist!

This cartoon is just for fun. In fact, keep both a baby and a doggie at home is very good for each other, as to babies,  they have the best babysitter, be it four legged, to alert them if the baby is crying or in distress. Hope more and more people will realize it and won’t abandon their doggies for getting a baby, because the two things don’t go conflict.
In fact, keep a dog is just like bring a baby, we need to buy pet products for them,  such as dog clothes, dog collars, dog leashes and so on. Since the two are same, why do we have to abandon one to bring another one, baby and doggie could get along well with each other very well! That is the happy ending.

dog products

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