Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Choose a right crate for you dogs

An comfortable crate is a valuable thing for a new puppy, which is just away from the environment he is familiar with and comes to a totally different family, at this moment, a crate can provide a private space for your little friend, and guarantee him a sense of security. A crate is even more useful when you travel together with your pets.

As there are so many dog crates on the market, you must be very confused about which one to choose for you dogs. Here are some tips may help:
Your puppy needs a crate that is just large enough for him to comfortably turn around in and not much larger — otherwise, accidents are more likely to occur. But when your puppy reaches his full size, he should still be able to comfortably stand up and turn around inside the crate. Clearly this creates a dilemma, as an adult-size crate will be too large forpuppy. Rather than buying separate puppy and adult-size crates, choose one that will be appropriate for your dog at his estimated full size but can be modified to accommodate him as a puppy.
Look for a crate with a built-in divider that can be moved further back in the crate as your puppy grows. Wire crates are most likely to have this type of divider, which makes them a good one-stop purchase for puppy owners.
Soft-sided kennels work best for well-trained dogs. They are harder to clean up if a house-training mess occurs, and can be broken out of more easily, which makes them most suitable for dogs who have already been kennel-trained. A soft-sided kennel is not the best choice for your new puppy.
Hard-sided crates are convenient for easy cleanup, making them more appropriate for puppies who are still house-training, and certain varieties are approved for airline travel. If your pup is going to be a frequent traveler, a hard-sided crate may be the right choice for your dog.

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