Wednesday, 19 September 2012

When your doggie is old

We know that you love your dog very much, but sadly, their life expectancy is much shorter than ours, a 20-year-old dog is really an old enough dog, at this moment, we have to admit that the time we could spend with him is limited and short, we have to treat him very well and very carefully.
Spend more time with him, the old dog may have no energy to play with you anymore, nor greet you when you are home off work or class, but please remember that they are still loving you like before, even more, so just stay quietly with him, let time pass quietly. He will feel very happy.
When we are old, teeth will not be available for food, so does the dog, keep an eye on his diet, never complain he eat much slower than before.
Don’t forget to walk him, maybe you two are not energetic like before, while a slow walk is also comfortable. And be careful when choosing dog leashes for him, some soft leashes are definitely much suitable.
Buy him warm dog clothes, as he grows older and older, the ability to defend cold is much weaker than before, and prepare comfy dog bed for him at home.

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