Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Protect your puppy from cold

As the cold winter is coming, if you have a little four-legged puppy at home and worry about their situation in winter, just come and see this post, I will introducts several winter dog clothes for your short fur friends.
Please be remembering that they will still feel chilly even though they have fur, except it is a very big dog with thick fur.

  • Little dogs, skinny dogs and short haired dogs should all have a jumper or coat
  • Sleeping in a bed, rather than the floor, will help keep your pet warm
  • Provide a wrm dog beds for your doggies, which would guarantee their safety in winter—won’t cold to death
  • Older dogs should spend more time in the warm indoors
  • Shorten the length of time your pet spends outdoors in the cold weather
  • Keep your dog’s coat longer in winter
  • Your pet burns more calories in winter (trying to stay warm) so you could probably feed them a little more food
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