Thursday, 27 September 2012

Choose the right pet products for you dog

When you bring a pet home, training your dog is the first thing you need to do, and at this moment,  you need the right equipment to do it! It’s easy enough to find dog training collars, leashes, leads and harnesses in pet stores, and the Internet makes it even easier. The Internet offers a wide selection of dog collars, leashes and other dog training equipment, usually at a lower cost than buying the collars and leashes from a pet store. Many sites will offer free shipping on your order. Koopypet company offers a wide selection of cheap dog clothes, dog collars, flashing dog leashes, and it is specializing in pet products wholesale.
Dog collars and leashes are manufactured in a variety of styles for different training purposes. It is important for the dog owner to be informed of the uses of the different types of training collars, leashes and harnesses in order to make an informed decision on the best fit and style for your dog, especially if you plan on training your dog on your own at home.
The ideal fit should allow for a one to three fingers space between the collar and and the dog’s neck. The finger space will depend on the breed and size of your dog.
  • If your dog is small, (under 20 pounds), a one finger’s space should be sufficient.
  • If you have an average, medium-sized to large dog, two-fingers should fit between the dog’s collar and the dog’s neck.
  • For a large to X-Large dog, depending again on the breed of the dog and the size of the dog, there should be a two to three-finger fit between the dog collar and the dog’s neck.

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