Thursday, 20 September 2012

When your cats are pregant

Cats may be the smartest pets, they are agile, clever and beautiful, unlike dogs, you don’t have to give her much care in daily life,  althouth they also need pet collars, but their daily necessities are definitely much less than dogs who have dog collars, dog leashes, and dog beds. While when she is pregant, no ignorance is allowed,  prepare the most comfortable cat beds for her and let her enjoy the cosy time.
At the time she’s giving birth, make sure you have a new pair of scissors sterilized and handy. This may be useful if she has difficulty severing an umbilical cord. This is important because if she gets stuck with one baby, it could delay the next baby’s birth resulting in a still born kitten. Make sure you do not touch the kittens as they are very sensitive and cold at this time. A cat is supposed the lick the baby dry of all fluids on it, and if there are too many kittens, she may simply forget to clean one thoroughly. If this happens, gently move her face towards he wet kitten and she’ll lick her dry. It comes to them naturally.
The birth process is very exhausting when there’s too many kittens, so make sure you give he some water and food at very regular intervals because she won’t really want to leave the kitten sand walk to her food bowl. During the birth process, there’ll be fluid secretion, so if there’s a washcloth she’s sitting on, take it away, or the kittens will have to sit on the wet cloth. and prepare a comfortable pet beds for the new born kitten and the exhausted mommy!

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